Fastenkur Scotland

Fastenkur - most ancient of therapies

If, we can choose to renounce solid food, and are prepared to give up for a while, the everyday habits of our lives, there is much benefit to be gained from fasting.

The body and the mind are reset, emotional blockages may be resolved, a regeneration of the digestive system takes place and in addition, there will be a reduction in weight.

Fasting rebuilds a healthy intestinal flora. It strengthens the immune system, boosts your inner healing power, and eliminates stored acids and toxins from the body.

Fasting is the starting point of a process of recovery, for the sustainable continuation of which, you will receive a multitude of suggestions.

Gentle colonic cleansing helps to reduce hunger and removes stubborn, long established faecal matter.

Competent care, exercise and massage support the rapid reduction of acids and toxins.

Rest and relaxation as well as daily walks in beautiful surroundings, serve to rejuvenate the soul.

The group is an important feature of the Kur. Together, we share and explore our experiences.


Our Kur is suitable for those with health issues, as well as those who are looking for a more spiritual gain.

There will be a talk in advance of the Fastenkur. Family members and friends are welcome.

Where in Scotland:

East Lothian


- Competent, experienced guidance

- Individual instruction

- Teaching on the subject of fasting

- On call support, day and night



- Information, instruction and support

- Group sharing and support

- Shared walk

- Massage, if desired (extra charge)

- Shared breaking of the fast and guidance on how to establish a proper return to healthy eating

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Registration: Please send us an E-Mail to the Praxis Bartning
You will receive a written confirmation and a health questionare.






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